I was so excited/worn out/beaten down/exhilarated to be back in Chicago that I totally forgot to blog about leaving Los Angeles.

ANYWAY my last couple of days in LA were wonderful. Whitney and I went to Disneyland where we…
– petted goats
– were totally snubbed by Woody
– took pictures with Ariel, Jasmine and Mulan
– rode on the Tower of Terror
– rode Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and ended up in Hell (seriously, that’s where the ride ended)
– bought lots of awesome stuff
– rode California Screamin’ in the California Adventure Park
– almost died in a rocking gondola on Mickey’s Ferris Wheel (okay, not seriously, but it was kind of stressful after we rode California Screamin’ AND Tower of Terror)

Then the night before I left we went out to dinner with my classmates. It was so awesome and restful and exciting.

Now I’m in Chicago. I’m applying for internships at Talent/Literary/Ad Agencies (I got a couple bites and an interview for next week!). I’m hoping to get some agency experience here in Chicago before I head on out to LA and try to charm my way into the mail room.

I’m also looking for a part-time retail/food service/whatever job, preferably in a chain, so that I have a chance of transferring the job to LA.

As of right now, I’m catching up on my reading and TV, working on a sit-com spec for Raising Hope, and basking in the knowledge that I’m so done with undergraduate classes. It’s a great feeling.