I promised a post about Chatsworth, didn’t I?

Chatsworth. Oh Chatsworth.

Chatsworth is as far north as you can get without actually leaving the city of Los Angeles. It’s a district, not a city or a neighborhood, so if you were to address something to me on Larwin Ave, Los Angeles 91311, it would still arrive.

Chatsworth is nestled in the foothills of the Santa Susana mountains.  It’s well and truly strange to wake up and see tiny little mountains (or great big foothills) within hiking distance (not that I hike. I mean, come on. The only way I could be more indoorsey is if I was like those kids in The Others and I was allergic to light).

Chatsworth is known for many things.  Roy Rogers used to live here. Kevin Spacey graduated from Chatsworth High. Oh, yeah, and it’s also the epicenter of the adult film industry.

No.  Really.

I came face to face with this unfortunate knowledge my first weekend here. I was hanging out with some Columbia kids and when I told them where I lived, someone said “Oh, where all the porn is filmed!” I wish I was kidding.

Adult Film Industry aside, Chatsworth is a cute little town. Very friendly, very pretty, very easy to navigate. I don’t plan on living here forever, since it’s very far away from every production company I would ever consider working for (I have standards), but for now, while I get my bearings, it’s a good place to call home.