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I feel a little bit like Bilbo Baggins. I left my comfort zone, had an adventure in a dragon’s lair, and now I’m coming back (in one piece, no less!). Instead of a group of dwarves and a wise wizard to keep me company, I have my sister, which is much better.

The trip didn’t start off smoothly. We had a few false starts while packing the car, and I had to sink a couple hundred bucks of my earmarked furniture money in a new battery, an oil change and two new car belts (have I mentioned lately how excited I am to not own a car?), but once Megg and I were on the road, nothing could stop us!

On day one, we stopped in Vegas for lunch (290 miles, give or take), then Williams Arizona for the night (218 miles). 508 miles down, 1,700 miles to go!

Day two (today!) was amazing. Williams to Flagstaff (with a quick stop at the Grand Canyon!), then Flagstaff to Moriarty, NM (just east of Albuquerque). 396 miles! Less than day one, but hey–we saw the Grand Canyon (the first time for my sister, the second time for me!), and while we were there we saw some ELK. WILD ELK. UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. EATING SOME GRASS AND SUCH. CHILLING OUT. DOING THEIR THING.

While we were in Flagstaff, we just HAD to visit the Lowell Observatory, the home of Pluto!

And then Megg wanted to “stand on the corner” in Winslow Arizona!

We also found the Continental Divide, which is where the rain splits–on the east side it runs toward the Atlantic, and on the west side it runs toward the Pacific!

Tomorrow we’re aiming to make it to Tulsa, OK! We’ll blow through the rest of New Mexico and the Texas panhandle, which is the most boring part of the entire state (sorry panhandle people! Texans assure me the rest of the state is awesome).