I’m updating this a couple days late, but it’s surprisingly tiring to drive and drive and drive. I’m also pretty bad at writing about myself slash my life slash my day. I’d prefer to wax about films or TV or that book I really loved than me, me, me. Anyway: Megg and I spent Monday night in Joplin, Missouri, which is important because that was where my dad and I spent our first night last summer, when I was driving out to Los Angeles in the first place. Megg and I planned to arrive in Chicago on Wednesday (today!), so spending day three in Joplin meant we were only ONE DAY AWAY from Chicago. Exciting stuff.

We didn’t take as many pictures or stop at any sight-seeing places (though I did make my sister stop at the Cahokia Mounds┬ábecause HELLO it’s the remnants of the oldest known North American civilizations and it happens to be in southern Illinois, so why wouldn’t we stop?) All those pictures currently live on Megg’s camera, but I’ll post them as soon as I can. They’re not that exciting–just pictures of big earth mounds. But still! Oldest civilization!

After some rush-hour traffic (can’t escape that, even 2,000 miles away from LA!), we rolled into Chicago, and promptly ran into a lot of trouble getting into my apartment, but I finally finally made it. Now I just need to unpack. And buy some furniture. And find a real job.