Community rocks, and if you’re not watching it then you are missing 22 minutes of weekly awesomeness. The latest episode, Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design does not disappoint. When Dean Pelton audits Jeff’s schedule, he discovers a class that doesn’t exist: Conspiracy Theories in US History, taught by none other than Professor Professorson (“It’s Dutch! I think it means professor!”).

True to the episode title (and to Jeff’s character), Jeff has been lying and Professor Professorson doesn’t exist. So when Professor Professorson (played by the hilarious Kevin Corrigan) shows up, Jeff and Annie have to band together and uncover the… well, the conspiracy. Meanwhile, Troy and Abed (television’s favorite bromance), create a miniature city of blankets, complete with parades, permits and ethnic enclaves.

Britta, Pierce and Shirley take the back seat during this episode, but their empty spots are filled by the dean, who may or may not be involved with a conspiracy that may or may not involve Greendale night school.

This episode wasn’t all-out hilarious, but it was solidly excellent.

(Don’t let the gun scare you. Annie lives in a bad neighborhood)

The interplay between Jeff and Annie was cute, and the gravity with which Troy and Abed took their blanket city was charming, adorable and a little insane (which is how Troy and Abed were meant to be). I can’t delve into much detail about the plot for fear of giving away the conspiracy (if it even is a conspiracy! Who knows! Maybe Jeff is just a lying jerk, or maybe he’s a lying jerk who’s telling the truth. Don’t deny it: you just got shivers), but suffice to say that this episode was like all those spy/thriller/”is the main character insane?” movies you like to watch.

The show even went so far as to actually address the Jeff/Annie kiss from “Pascal’s Triangle Revisited” instead of using a throw-away line in one episode to explain why these two guys aren’t getting it on in their special, cradle-robbing way. It was refreshing to see the show go back to its original motivation: sex, sex and more sex. Or was that just Jeff’s motivation? The point is, Community has yet to disappoint, so tune in next week for Mixology 101, because with a title like that, you know someone’s about to get wasted and start a girl fight.

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