There comes a moment when you start to cry and someone asks you why, so you tell them that Remus Lupin died. They look at you strangely, because you’ve had four years to mourn, but four years will never be enough. And sometimes you wish J. K. Rowling had killed Arthur Weasley in “Order of the Phoenix” if it means that Lupin and Tonks would survive, and raise their son, and go to Sunday dinners at the Potter’s. And maybe someday Remus would go back to teaching. And maybe someday they’d have another son (and name him Sirius), and he’d get Sorted into Gryffindor (or Hufflepuff). Then, finally, when Remus is old and even more grey, he would become the only Marauder to die at a ripe old age. Because his life was filled with too much tragedy to die at 38.