I’m going to be 100% honest here: part of the reason I’m resurrecting this blog is due to a promise to the one, the only, Caro Griffin. (Part of the reason is because my TV show list was WOEFULLY out of date, but I digress). At least once a month I get a text (or, if we’re hanging out, some side-eye) about this blog.

“When are you going to update your blog?”

And my reasons are varied and many. I’m writing a novel, I’m moving, I don’t have internet set up in my apartment yet, I’m 3 years behind on a scrap book i promised my best friend for her wedding. Well, the novel is a first draft, I’m settled in my new apartment, I have internet and the scrapbook… well, the scrapbook can wait another 10 minutes while I resurrect this blog.

The thing is I struggle with what to write about. Book/movie/TV reviews? I have a friend who works at E! Online who writes those better than I ever will. (She’s got a by-line and everything!). Running? I feel like everything I can say about running has already been said by people who have run more than two 5ks.

So hey, I’m just going to write about my life, because my life is extremely interesting. (I mean, it is if you ignore the fact that I spent most of today playing Cookie Jam, a bastardized version of Candy Crush where you match macarons while a voice encourages you with quasi-French phrases like “ooh la la!” and “c’est manifique!”)

I’m a cute 20-something living in the greatest city in the world (suck it, New York) and I’m about to embark on a huge adventure called LIFE. Well, I guess I’m already embarking on a huge adventure called life because I’m living right now, as we speak. Oh I’m getting off topic.

SO blog resurrected, and I’m off to go add a couple pages to the aforementioned 3 year late scrapbook because if all my blog excuses are gone it means my scrapbook excuses (moving, writing a book, need to work on my blog) are dwindling as well.