There are so many wonderful characters in Harry Potter that I have to divide them up by category: favorite adult, favorite teacher, favorite villain, etc. Hermione Granger is, by far an away, my favorite student. It goes beyond the fact that we both share bushy brown hair and a love of reading. To this end, I have decided to list four things I love about Hermione Granger.

1. She tries to see the best in people.
One of my favorite Hermione moments is when she sticks up for Snape. In her world, everything is so simple: she trusts Dumbledore, Dumbledore trusts Snape, she trusts Snape. When Snape killed Dumbledore she changed her mind, of course, but in all the previous books when Harry was convinced Snape was up to something foul, Hermione stuck up for their Potions master. Hermione also was unfailingly kind to Kreacher, even when he insulted her, her parents and her friends. I can’t help but admire her for that.

2. She never attempts to quash her intelligence.
Don’t get me wrong–Hermione is pretty modest about her intelligence. In “Order of the Phoenix” she tries to brush off the fact that she did a Protean Charm (NEWT-level work) to connect the DA’s gold coins. However, modesty aside, Hermione never dumbs herself down. Not to impress a boy, not to fit in, not for anything.

3. She’s intuitive.
Maybe it’s because she’s a girl, or maybe it’s because Ron and Harry can be especially dense, but Hermione is a very intuitive person, especially when it comes to sniffing out romance. She knows when Harry has a crush on Cho (and when Cho has a crush on Harry). She knows when Harry moves onto Ginny (and that Ginny never really moved on from Harry). The best part is that instead of trying to meddle in the lives of her friends like the heroine in a 90’s teen rom-com, Hermione simply stands by and supports her friends, instead of pairing them off all the time.

4. In her world, everything is black and white.
This is also something I don’t like about Hermione, because it is one of her greatest and most enduring character flaws. For someone who reads as much as she does, I’m astonished that she can maintain her narrow-minded views. However, her belief that everything worth knowing can be found in books is refreshingly simple.

That’s why I love Hermione–why do you?