It’s official: I’m going to be in LA from (at least) January 24th to February 25th. Maybe longer? It all depends on how much I like the city.
and also whether or not I can find a job.
and also whether I can break my lease here in Chicago (sub-letting, sadly, is something my building firmly disapproves of. I’ve tested the boundaries of their patience before and I don’t want to do it again).

But I’m going! And I’m going for the drama program, which is my first choice! Most of my friends are going for sitcom, which is sad because I was hoping to find some ready-made roommates… BUT I do know a couple people going for drama. And according to everyone I’ve ever met, LA is the number one center for transient housing (not transient like hobo, but transient like starving artists).

AHH, you guys! I’m going to write a script and pitch it to someone in, like, three months! WHAT. WHAT. (I dunno if they’re requiring a pilot or a spec, but never fear! I have ample ideas for both).