I’ve been struggling with exactly how to word this post, because my new life is a life filled with secrets and confidentiality agreements. However, I think I can update the world on my time in Los Angeles, because this is why God invented initials and vague language.

Most of my days are spent driving and sitting. And I sit while I drive, so I guess most of my days are spent sitting. I drive to my internship 3 days a week (the trip is anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how vile the 405 is and whether Sepulveda is closed for construction).

At my internship I sit in a chair and read the first 100 pages of books (unless they really grab me, at which point the entire office will pass around the manuscript in 100 page increments and cry because why did Patrick have to leave? Can’t he see how much she loves him? And then nobody gets any work done.) I also read scripts. Lots and lots of scripts. It’s the best unpaid job I’ve ever had, because I get to read movies all day. Occasionally I run errands, fill the printers or make coffee, but mostly I read.

And listen. I listen to how the assistants talk to the producers, how the producers talk to investors, how everyone talks to everyone on the phone. I listen to people “leave word” and tell people that “I don’t have her, can she try you back?” I listen to the synchronized click as everyone hangs up from a conference call with someone in New York or London or just down the street in Santa Monica. I park people’s cars and fetch sandwiches and smile and offer visitors water. I soak in the atmosphere and know that I sit five feet away from the office of the woman who produced Pretty Woman. And Spider-Man (all of them. And the re-boot). And was the first woman to produce the Academy Awards. And then produced them again.

2 days a week I drive to my personal assistant job. my trip is usually only 30 minutes, because the I-5 lives in a glorious traffic-free vortex. (Don’t tell anyone). This job is new-new-new, so I’m still feeling it out. I spend most of my time researching things on the internet–how to apply for a speed hump on a residential street, replacement bedsheets made from Egyptian cotton and how much a used-but-in-excellent-condition Takamine guitar costs. I file, I organize, I answer the phone.

It sounds dull, I’m sure it does, but I love it. It keeps me busy, it gives me a little money and hey–I get to hang out on a production studio three days a week. I ran into Breckin Meyer the other day (also known as “that stoner dude Tai had a crush on in Clueless).

I’m leading a very exciting life.