So. I graduated.

I’m on the left, being my badass brunette self. On the right is the lovely Whitney, my six-week-roommate in LA. She still lives out there, so it was wonderful-wonderful to see her again.

Between returning from LA and graduation I…
– got an internship at a talent agency
– got another internship with Phathom.com (short form sci-fi/fantasy literature)
– got a job at the LEGO store (what what!)
– lazed around in an impressive manner
– started a spec script, abandoned it and started a new one

The talent agency can be dull, but overall it’s pretty interesting. I love love love the people I work with there–they’re all very welcoming and kind. I make a lot of phone calls, which has done WONDERS for my phone voice.

The LEGO store is actually pretty epic. Previously, my favorite job (ever) was the four years I spent, off and on, at The Fabric Place, a fabric store near the town I grew up in. It was literally the most laid-back job I’ve ever had. When I closed the store I was seriously allowed to bring a book and read it in my cash register. I mean, I wasn’t allowed to flaunt it, but everyone did it. ANYWAY Fabric Place is (sadly) no longer in business, but I still have really fond memories. One of those fond memories was, inexplicably, the blue aprons we wore.

Well guess what we wear at The LEGO Store? AWESOME YELLOW APRONS. As soon as I put mine on I felt… safe. Familiar. And for a girl who was raised on Play Mobiles instead of LEGOs, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of absorbing all the information inherent with LEGO sets. I can even put a couple sets together! If they’re simple.

And the scripts. Oh Lord the scripts. I was working on one for Raising Hope (Fox). I did the beat sheet, the outline, the whole thing. I was at the script stage (I’d written all of act one) when I realized that both my A and my B plots took place entirely in the family’s house. It just… wasn’t working, it wasn’t diverse enough. And then my friend was told (by the CREATOR of the show, who read her Raising Hope script) that the show is actually 4 acts instead of 2?

This is weird because sitcoms are about 30 pages, which means each act is roughly seven pages long, which is strange because acts (in drama and sitcom) average around 12-15 pages. So that, combined with the fact that everything was set in Jimmy’s house, just sort of blew the wind out of my sails.

Fortunately, season four of Gossip Girl just ended! So now I’m working on a spec for that (it’ll be epic).

How have your lives been lately? Busy? Slow? Perfect?