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The Plot: In the midst of the war, Daine and Numair are accidentally transported to the Divine Realms, where they meet Daine’s mother, who has become a minor goddess, and her father… the God of the Hunt. Daine and Numair must travel through the Divine Realms and return to the war on the Mortal Realms–and fight the former-Emperor Ozorne… an enemy they thought was long gone.

The Good: The only way Daine and Numair can get back to the Mortal Realms is to travel through the Divine Realms to the Dragonlands. And the dragons are awesome.  Even the young dragons Daine meets are two centuries old–a far cry from Kitten, who, at three years old, is only an infant.

The Bad: So here’s the thing. It’s not a Tamora Pierce book unless there’s romance (actually it’s not a Tortall book unless there’s romance. There’s almost no romance in the Circle of Magic/Circle opens books). Some of the romance is awesome (like Alanna and George), and some of it is stupid (like Alanna and Jonathan), and some of it is weird… like Daine and Numair. Yeah. Sixteen-year-old Daine and 30-year-old Numair. It’s weird; it’s okay to say it.

Also: Daine’s parents were kind of disappointing. Her mother was clingy and her father seemed to forget 16 years of neglect and promptly started behaving like an overprotective father–especially when it came to Numair.

The Verdict: Good ending to a good series. The romance is sweet if you can forget that Daine isn’t even 18 yet so why why why why why are you making out with her, you met her when she was 13 and she grew up in front of you so it’s a little gross that you’re kissing right now. The battles are standard Tamora fare, and (like in Song of the Lioness) there are a couple sad deaths. Realms of the Gods isn’t as awesome as Emperor Mage, but it’s more interesting than Wolf-Speaker by far.