Months and months ago, almost on a whim, I responded to a call for short submissions about experiences with Barbie dolls for a book by Tanya Stone called “The Good, the Bad and the Barbie.”

If I’m not mistaken, I wrote about the time my friend Lily and I played hair salon with our Barbies. We dyed their hair with food coloring and gave them tattoos with Milky Gel pens (remember those?). I also may or may not have mentioned melting her breasts on a light bulb (but we all did that, right? …right?)

I wrote it in an hour (it was only 300 words or so), sent it in and forgot about it… until now.

I got an email today! It said, very simply,

Dear Laura,

I am writing to let you know that all or part of the quote you submitted to be considered for inclusion in my forthcoming book The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie has been selected! I regret that I am unable to supply everyone who sent in a quote with a free book, but please know that your participation was very much appreciated. The book will be out on October 14, 2010, available wherever books are sold, and you can find your quote on: Chapter 7, p. 88

I’m totally going to buy a copy when it comes out.