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Anyone who has had a passing conversation with me knows how deeply I adore Joss Whedon–it goes down to my very core as a writer. And anyone who has ever heard of Joss Whedon knows what he’s famous (or dare I say infamous?) for–more than creating strong female characters, more than writing sci-fi television, more than revamping (pun intended) the teen vampire genre almost a decade before Twilight came along and ruined everyone’s day.

Joss Whedon is famous for killing his characters.

You know it, I know it, every Whedonite who has ever cried themselves to sleep because their favorite character was brutally shuffled off this mortal coil knows it. So this is a place to say goodbye to all the characters we loved (and lost). All the heroes, the villains, the heros-turned-villains-turned-heroes-once-more who tugged at our hearts and made us laugh. The characters who became friends, who became family, who we will always mourn.

I am joined in this great adventure with my sister, Megg, my friend Rachel and my best friend Elspeth. So tune in each Wednesday to see who is paying tribute to the characters whose deaths, while sad, still served a narrative purpose. And what more can a fictional character ask?

I will update an archive post every week with links to the respective posts and their authors. If you would like to follow along on this journey, please feel free to follow Megg and Rachel’s blogs. Elspeth’s posts can be found here.

See you on the other side! You can’t stop the signal.